Powered Descent Free(无动力下降)测试版

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Powered Descent Free(无动力下降)游戏介绍

Powered Descent Free(无动力下降)是游戏开发公司提供的一款非常轻松的解谜冒险类手游,趣味性的关卡挑战,更加流畅的游戏体验;想要体验解谜冒险相关游戏的小伙伴,可以下载Powered Descent Free(无动力下降)游戏,精彩不容错过了。

Powered Descent Free(无动力下降) 5.0测试版


当您降落在我们太阳系空间中各种不同的卫星和行星的表面上时,“动力下降”将挑战您的航天器驾驶技能。 在跌落地面之前,您能放慢脚步吗? 您能避免火山等环境危害吗? 在这个登月游戏中,您可以体验很多不同的事物!太阳系以下的地方包括:月亮,火星,欧罗巴,艾奥,泰坦和水星。 它们每个都有六个详细而有趣的等级,将您的着陆器安全带到尘土飞扬的月球表面。 探索红色星球(也称为火星)的洞穴和平原。 深入欧罗巴的冰冷外壳中寻找液态水。 在艾奥火山地狱中生存。 看到奇特的地球般的土卫六,它的湖泊和浓密的大气层。 飞越水热的荒芜荒原,不断被太阳的热量轰炸。那么,您还等什么呢? 如今,您可以飞越太空并成为经验丰富的太空飞行员,您可以选择使用屏幕上的按钮或加速度计控件(倾斜手机以使着陆器着陆)。 免费版包含广告。由Gideros Studio制作。在Sony Xperia U上经过测试。

Powered Descent will challenge your spacecraft piloting skills when you land on the surfaces of various different moons and planets in our own solar system space. Can you slow down enough before hitting the ground? Can you avoid environmental dangers, such as volcanoes? In this lunar landing game, you can experience a lot of different things!Following places from the solar system are included: Moon, Mars, Europa, Io, Titan and Mercury. Each of them has six detailed and fun levels.Bring your lander safely down to the dusty, cratered lunar surface. Explore the caves and plains of the red planet, also known as Mars. Descend deep into the icy crust of Europa in search of liquid water. Survive in the volcanic inferno of Io. See the oddly Earth-like Titan with it's lakes and thick atmosphere. Fly across the barren, hot wasteland of Mercury, which is constantly bombarded by the heat of Sun.So, what are you waiting for? Fly into space today and become an experienced space pilot as you fly across the solar system.You can choose to use either on-screen buttons or accelerometer controls (tilt the phone to turn the lander). Free version contains ads.Made with Gideros Studio.Tested on Sony Xperia U.

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大小:21MB 类型:游戏  - 解谜冒险 版本:5.0测试版

要求:安卓平台 标签: 暂无



兼容ios 12 系统!



Powered Descent Free(无动力下降)测试版手机游戏配置要求:

5.0测试版游戏配置-苹果手机至少是iPhone 8以上的,安卓手机的系统版本在Android7.1以上,ARM为2.5GB+。


安卓玩家: 品牌 :荣耀10,vivo S1 Pro 处理器(cpu):骁龙865,骁龙636 运行内存(ARM):16GB,2GB,8GB,6GB 苹果玩家: ios平台玩家,需要iPhone XS或版本更高的机型

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